Coffee Mugs by CHALEUR

The Chaleur Tiffany coffee mug collection features four timeless Tiffany designs transformed into an everyday work of art. As you enjoy the sensory pleasures of sipping from a smooth bone china coffee mug, let your eyes delight in the jewel-like colors of each featured Tiffany design.

Louis Comfort Tiffany was originally trained as a painter, and brought his painter's eye to his experiments with blown glass. Although his father founded the most famous jewelry company in America (Tiffany & Co.), Louis Comfort Tiffany chose a different direction, focusing instead on interior design. Coming from money himself, Tiffany had no problem catering to the needs of the wealthy, and boasted many of the wealthy industrialists of the day as his clients.

Tiffany wanted to create objects of great beauty and expert craftsmanship, which would be affordable to a wide range of people. His aesthetic was based on his conviction that nature should be the primary source of design inspiration, and intoxicated by color, he translated into glass the lush palette found in flowers and plants. Tiffany's designs were used to create windows, lamps and other decorative art objects, and he effectively changed the way glass was produced in America.

Tiffany's work can be appreciated on many levels. He preferred a sensory approach, rather than an intellectual one, and his designs provide feasts of color, light, and texture. Indulge all your senses when you enjoy your favorite beverage in a Chaleur Tiffany coffee mug.

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